Indian Lean Construction Conference ILCC 2015
Feb 6 & 7, 2015 (Friday & Saturday)
Lean Implementation Workshop
Feb 5, 2015 (Thursday)
Venue: Mumbai, India
Last date for Early Bird Registration: 10.01.2015.
All presenting Authors need to register for the Conference before 15.01.2015.
Authors are eligible for 25% discount in registration fees.


Lean principles are positively impacting the construction sector globally. Significant improvements in operational efficiencies of construction organizations are being reported in USA, UK, Brazil, Scandinavia, Australia and other countries. Academic and practitioner communities are engaged in furthering the use of Lean principles all around the world. Indian construction sector has been exploring the use of Lean principles but implementation has largely remained experimental. Example projects are available in India that showcase convincingly the benefits that can be reaped by the Indian construction sector. The recent IITM-ILCE Lean Training & Implementation Programme 2013 implemented in nine Indian sites, convincingly demonstrated the advantages to be gained by adopting Lean principles in Indian construction. However, Indian construction companies and clients are yet to realize the full potential of Lean principles on Indian projects. The theme of this Conference is to explore avenues for Lean-based transformation of the Indian construction sector. Simply stated, the Conference will bring together construction experts from India and across the globe to provide a road map for mainstream implementation of Lean principles in India.

The inaugural conference, ILCC 2015 along the lines of IGLC (International Group for Lean Construction) and LCI (Lean Construction Institute, USA) Conferences, will become a regular event to forge ahead on the Lean implementation agenda in India. The Conference will bring together academia who are teaching and training in Lean and the practitioners from the Industry to discuss a plethora of relevant topics, all focusing upon transformation of the Indian construction sector, through Lean concepts.

The focus of the Conference will be on practical implementation of Lean construction in India.



The one-day Workshop will focus on coaching people on how to implement Lean construction concepts with a practical orientation.

Workshop Coaches: University Of California Berkeley: Prof. Dr. Glenn Ballard, Change Business Ltd, UK: Mr. Alan Mossman, IIT Madras: Prof. N. Raghavan, Prof. Koshy Varghese, Prof. K. N. Satyanarayana, Prof. Ashwin Mahalingam.

Workshop based on gainful practices implemented in the recent IITM-ILCE Lean Training & Implementation Programme 2013 and in other countries; with extensive usage of actual case studies. The Workshop will also introduce ILCE’s Lean hubs which will be available at a number of centres around the country to assist the practitioners in Lean construction implementation.