Registration for Vehicle Pass

    (Entry & Exit eligible for any one of the Gates)

( Upload pdf only )
I agree to abide by the Security Regulations Enforced by IIT Authorities.
  • Filled in application should be accompanied by original R.C. Book which will be returned after verification.
  • If the Vehicle is registered in the name of the applicant's spouse/parents,an authorization letter obtained from them should be attached.
  • Speed limit 20Kmph/30Kmph/35Kmph.
  • Use of cell Phone while riding/driving NOT allowed.
  • No triple riding & towing of other two wheelers.
  • Pass valid only for the gate mentioned.
  • Follow traffic rules/signs.
  • Campus is a NO SMOKING area.
  • Beware of Animals Crossing.
  • In Case of any problem like accident / break down the Security section.
  • Surrender pass after date of validity.
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