Plenary Speakers

bisaria.jpg Dr. V. S. Bisaria IIT, Delhi
amulya.jpg Dr. Amulya Panda National Institute of Immunology
DebabrataDas1.jpeg Dr. Debabrata Das IIT Kharagpur


RK_Sen.jpg Dr. R. K. Sen IIT Kharagpur "A light-inspired Journey through some Bioprocess Engineering Challenges in the areas of Energy, Environment & Water"
MugdhaGadgil Dr. Mugdha Gadgil NCL, Pune ‘Trace metals in bioprocessing: hitherto neglected influence on glycosylation’.
Prof.Banerjee Dr.U.C Banerjee National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali Process development for the production of various microbial metabolites and use of enzymes and whole cells for the synthesis of chiral drugs and drug intermediates
Prof.Sanjoy Ghosh Dr.Sanjoy Ghosh IIT Roorkee Dynamic Modelling of Botryococcusbraunii Growth and Lipid Production under Mixotrophic Cultivation Conditions in Flat Panel Airlift Photobioreactor.
Sarika Dr. Sarika Mehra IIT Bombay "Enhancing titers and productivity of rCHO clones with a combination of an optimized fed-batch process and ER-stress adaptation"
senthil kumar Dr. Senthil Kumar Sivaprakasam IIT Guwahati "Energectics of Microbial Growth: Non-invasive Application of Fermentation Calorimeter in Hyaluronic acid and Human Interferon a2b Production"
Dr_DEBASISH_DAS Dr. Debasish Das IIT Guwahati Production of bio-crude oil via hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of microalgae"


Dr_Riddhiman_Dhar Dr. Riddhiman Dhar IIT Kharagpur "Causes and consequences of phenotypic heterogeneity in cell populations"
Dr.sahoo Dr.Swagatika Sahoo IIT Madras "Systems biology for modeling metabolic disorders".
Amit_Ghosh_Assistant_Professor Dr. Amit Ghosh IIT Kharagpur Systems and Synthetic Biology Strategies to Engineer Yeast for Production of Lipid Based Biofuels and Chemicals"
Prof.Sundar Dr. D.Sundar IIT Delhi Rewriting the Blueprint of Life by Genome Engineering.
description here Dr. Mohit Kumar Jolly IISc, Banglore "Deciphering the design principles of cellular networks driving phenotypic plasticity in cancer metastasis”.
description here Dr. James Gomes IIT Delhi Evaluating Control Strategies for PAT implementation
Dr.Venkatesh Dr. K.V.Venkatesh IIT Bombay Systems level understanding of regulatory mechanism of global regulator in Escherichia coli


DR_ASHISH_MISRA_IIT_DELHI Dr. Ashish Mishra IIT Delhi "Metabolic flux and transcriptomic analysis of poplar cells under altered carbon and nitrogen availability"
blank-profile-picture Dr. Anand Bachhawat IISER, Mohali "Strategies for enhancing isoprenoid flux in yeast"
Dr.shyam Dr. Shyam Kumar Masakapalli IIT Mandi "Integrating genomics with 13C tracers for efficient mapping of microbial metabolic systems"
Dr.Anu Dr. Anu Raghunathan CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory,Pune. Bioengineered Objectives Vs Growth: Synergies Between Systems Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic Biology for Rational Strain Design and Engineering.
Dr.guhan Dr. Guhan Jayaraman IIT Madras Tailoring the Molecular Weight of Hyaluronan: Metabolic and Process Strategies using recombinant Lactococcus lactis


Biman_Mandal Dr. Biman Mandal IIT Guwahati "Lab grown human tissues: The way forward"
DR_NEETU_SINGH Dr. Neetu Singh IIT Delhi "Red Blood Cells Derived Vesicles for Theranostic Applications"
Prof.Mukesh DR.Mukesh Doble IIT Madras Modeling Tumor Dormancy and Reactivation Using Tunable Synthetic Hydrogels
Gnanamani Dr. A. GNANAMANI CSIR-CLRI "Surface modifications of the biomaterials to restrict the growth of the microorganisms : An approach to human health care"
Prof.Ramesh Dr.P.Ramesh SreeChitraTirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Electrospun polymers and composites for biomedical applications
Photo_Shantanu_Pradhan Dr. Shantanu Pradhan IIT Madras Modeling Tumor Dormancy and Reactivation Using Tunable Synthetic Hydrogels

Invited Speakers of Start Up Conclave

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Babu U. V. The Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore
Mr. Nelson Sea6 Energy
Dr. Ezhil Subbian String Bio Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Dr. Kannan Vantage Research, Chennai
Dr. Anirudh Ranganathan Sekkeibio Private Limited
Dr. Kavitha Sairam FIB-SOL Life Technologies Pvt Ltd
Dr. Mohanraj AlgalR Nutra Pharm