About the Pipeline:

Amylo-Pipe is an integrated pipeline to predict the aggregation capability of protein(s) using sequence or structure information. The pipeline predicts the mechanistic aggregation information (such as aggregation prone regions, aggregation propensity etc.) and kinetic information (rate of aggregation and change in aggregation kinetics upon mutation).

Amylo-Pipe can be used for design or engineer proteins with less or more aggregation rate based on application. Aggregation capability can be reduced for protein based therapeutic drugs, antibodies etc. through mutations and aggregation kinetics can be enhanced for the commercial protein based nano-biomaterials. The Amylo-pipe can also be helpful in in-silico based analysis of amyloidosis and to identify probable amyloidogenic proteins.

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The pipeline includes:

The pipeline integrates 5 tools to predict the aggregation capability of proteins:

The webservers are independent of each other. In case of contradicting results in AggreRATE-Disc and AggreRATE-Pred, structure-based method "AggreRATE-Pred" should be given priority.

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