About BIF, IIT Madras

The BIF at IIT Madras has been setup with primary support from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Government of India, with additional support from the IIT Madras. The BIF is a part of the Biotechnology Information System (BTISnet) network created by the DBT to enable harness biotechnology through the application of Bioinformatics. Biotechnology innovation is required not only in research but also in teaching activities of Biology and allied areas. The DBT contributes to biology teaching though bioinformatics (BTBI) by establishing bioinformatics facilities at teaching institutions. 

The facility is housed at the Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences building, IIT Madras. This building also houses the Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras, who constitute the primary users of the facility on campus. The facility shares space with the Departmental Computer Facility, Biotechnology dept, IIT Madras.

About ACDD, Tokyo Institute of Technology

The objective of Advanced Computational Drug Discovery Unit (ACDD) is to build an academic open innovative drug discovery platform with industry by integrating biochemical experimentation with computer-aided drug discovery.

Bioinformatics and systems biology are applied to analyze biological data using information-science methodologies such as artificial intelligence, bigdata analysis and machine learning. Integrating these methods, ACDD develops in silico technology for innovative drug discovery from an academic point of view through large-scale GPU computation using the TSUBAME supercomputer. Utilizing and complementing biochemical research conducted by pharmaceutical companies, the unit aims to establish methods of innovative drug discovery through open innovation with industries.

ACDD sets the goal of realizing open innovation and aims to realize the establishment of an open drug discovery environment within five years. The unit will establish an advanced computational drug discovery model while focusing on the following three themes:

  • Open utilization of the drug discovery environment by Tokyo Tech and pharmaceutical companies
  • Establishment of an open-participation type in silico drug discovery contest
  • Provision of education for industry professionals through the in silico drug discovery training program

Important Dates

  • Symposium: 6-7th Mar 2020
  • Oral presentation selection: 21th Feb 2020
  • Abstract submission deadline: 15th Feb 2020
  • Registration deadline: 15th Feb 2020
  • Registration open: 15th Aug 2019