Important Information

The 56th convocation will be held on Monday, the 30th September 2019.

  • All graduands will receive their degree certificate in the respective Department Degree Distribution Programmes (D3P).
  • Graduands are required to be available from 8 AM to 8 PM on 30th September 2019. Exact timings of convocation at  SAC and Department Degree Distribution Programmes (D3P) at various venues will be announced shortly.
  • Dress code: All the graduands must wear formal dress and IITM Angavasthiram on their shoulder. Students must wear proper formal footwear (hawai chappals or flip flops will not be allowed).
  • Male: (i)White/off-white Kurta and White/off-white Pyjama or (ii)White/Off-white Kurta & White/off-white trousers or (iii) White/off-white Shirt & White/off-white trousers or (iv) White/off-white Kurta/Shirt & White/off-white Dhoti/Veshti.
  • Female: (i)White/off- white Kurti/Kameez with white/off-white salwar or (ii)white/off-white saree and white/off-white blouse, with or without colored borders.
  • A sum of Rs.350/- will be deducted from your caution deposit towards the cost of Angavasthiram.
  • The IITM Angavasthiram will be issued to graduands only from 9 AM to 8 PM on 29th September 2019 (Sunday). Angavasthiram will not be issued to proxy (including parents).
  • The prize winners who will receive their prizes at the convocation in SAC will be intimated individually. Their parents/guardians (upto a maximum 2) are permitted to witness the function at SAC
  • All the graduands receiving the degree certificates in person on 30th September in Department Degree Distribution Programmes (D3P) must attend and take the pledge at the convocation (SAC building). 
  • Online registration for receiving the degree, either in person or in absentia, is mandatory. The portal will be open on 9th September 2019. The portal will be closed on 20th September 2019, at 5.00 P.M. The link is
  • Parents/Guardians (upto 2) are permitted to witness the D3P in person at the respective venues. They can also witness the convocation through live webcast at the respective D3P venues.
  • Only graduands will be provided accommodation in the campus. Accommodation will be considered, subject to availability, in one of our hostels during your stay here. The graduands who require accommodation has to apply through the portal:  use the tab  "others" and login.  Please use your personal email address for login and do not use "" address. Mention in the purpose column - Convocation.
  • Institute has made arrangement for taking photographs of all students receiving degrees and awards at SAC and Department Degree Distribution programme (D3P) and video recording of the functions. The photos and video coverage of all students can be downloaded from under video/photo archive. Private photographers / videographers will not be permitted inside the venue to avoid over-crowding at the stage
  • Please note that Children below 12 years are not allowed into the Convocation / Department Degree Distribution function.