Due to Current Developments related to Coronavirus(COVID-19), the eSoftMat course is postponed .

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About e-SoftMat 2020

Research on Soft Matter which deals with study of colloids, polymers, surfactants, liquid crystals and biological materials is diverse and interdisciplinary. Soft materials are ubiquitous and are used in many present day consumer products and modern technologies such as displays, flexible electronics, paints, food, etc. A fundamental understanding of the behavior of soft materials, for example, their self-organization, microstructure, mechanical and other material properties involves the use of several experimental, theatrical and simulation techniques.
In this short term course on “Experimental Soft Matter” – eSoftMat 2020, the fundamental aspects of soft matter, basics of commonly used experimental techniques in elucidating structure-property correlations in soft materials will be discussed. The course contents are designed to provide basic and thorough understanding of experimental tools and their relevance to industrial applications.


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