The Initiative for Biological Systems Engineering (IBSE) at IIT Madras is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to pioneering innovative approaches and algorithms that integrate multi-dimensional data across scales, to understand, predict and manipulate complex biological systems. In so doing, we aim not only to advance fundamental understanding of cells and their interactions as populations forming complex organs but also to empower personalised medicine.

IBSE is very pleased to introduce you all to our guest speaker Dr. Kavita Jain from JNCASR, Bangalore. The title of her presentation will be "How fast does a biological population adapt?"
Posted 12 Dec 2018 by Priyanka Maripuri
The 4th IBSE In-house Workshop will be held on 15 November 2018 at BT Seminar Hall.
Posted 09 Nov 2018 by Priyanka Maripuri
Aarthi Ravikrishnan and Karthik Raman have published a monograph (CRC Press Focus Computational Biology Series) titled 'Systems-Level Modelling of Microbial Communities: Theory and Practice'
Posted 24 Sep 2018 by Karthik Raman
IBSE is very pleased to introduce you all to our our very own IITM alumnus and guest speaker Mr. Srikiran Chandrasekaran. The title of his presentation will be "Bayesian optimization for fitting dynamical systems in environmental engineering".
Posted 05 Sep 2018 by
New space for IBSE at RBCDSAI, 5th Floor, Block-II, Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta School of Biosciences
Posted 18 Aug 2018 by Priyanka Maripuri