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About Us

The unprecedented growth of urban centres, industries and vehicle population have resulted in air quality problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that in developing countries, increasing Urban Air Pollution (UAP) has resulted in more than 2 million deaths per annum along with various cases of respiratory illnesses (WHO, 2014). One of the major sources of UAP is the road transport sector. In addition, domestic, commercial and industrial activities contribute to UAP.

After releasing from a source, air pollution undergoes multiple atmospheric transformation processes and transport from local-city-regional to global scale to affect human health, visibility, building materials, and ecosystems. The impact of air pollutants on human health are mainly influenced by the toxic nature of pollutants, exposure time, exposure pathway etc. Therefore, there is an increasing need to establish the scientific basis for assessing the risk to human health and the environment from exposure to toxic air pollutants.

Indian International Conference on Air Quality Management (IICAQM) serves as a very important forum and opportunity for scientists, engineers, educators, and practitioners to exchange the latest advancement in theories, technologies, and applications in the area of air quality management and health impacts.

The 1st and 3rdIICAQM (IICAQM 2016 & 2018) were held in IIT Madras, the 2ndIICAQM (IICAQM 2017) was held in IIT Delhi and the 4th IICAQM (IICAQM 2019) was held in IIT Bombay. The 5th IICAQM (IICAQM 2020) aims to bring together leading academicians, scientists, engineers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results related to all aspects of air pollution health and exposure assessment and its management.

Benefits of attending IICAQM

The conference offers an excellent opportunity to exchange information amongst researchers working in academic institutions / R&D organizations, to present and publish research findings and interact with experts and partners from administration and industry.

Call for Papers

We welcome paper submissions that present new ideas, techniques, new management systems and innovative applications that reflect the current breakthroughs in air quality management.

Conference Topics

The areas of interest to the conference are listed below. Full papers must be submitted by 30th October 2020 to iicaqm@wmail.iitm.ac.in/iicaqmiitm@gmail.com


Air Quality Monitoring and Measuring Techniques
Air Quality Modelling
Emission Inventory
Source Apportionment
Source - Receptor Modelling
Particulate matter, ultrafine particles and black carbon
Exposure Monitoring and Health Risk Assessment
Indoor Air Quality
Air Quality Management Policies and Legislation
Air Quality Data Analytics
Case Studies


Registration fee includes the IICAQM2020 proceedings and the Conference gift voucher. Students must provide a bonafide certificate. Your registration will not be processed without payment.
Participation TypeConference Fee
Delegates    Authors        Students
SAARC CountriesINR 5,000INR 5,000INR 2,500
INR 5,000
Other CountriesEURO 150EURO 150EURO 150

Conference Registration

INR 2500 for the students who are attending only conference and not presenting paper.
INR 5000 for the students attending both conference and winter school.

Winter School Registration

Students from IITs/NITs/AICTE/UGC recognized colleges: Registration fee is Rs. 5000/-.
Participants from other organizations: Few seats are also available for participants from Industry, Government Departments, and Research Organizations. They have to pay Rs. 10,000/- per candidate as registration fee. This amount is to be sent along with the application form. All payments should be made online



Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthy
IIT Madras
Prof. Manu Santhanam
Dept of Civil
IIT Madras

Program Schedule

Sponsors & Associate Partners

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Contact +914422574290 for assistance or Mail to iicaqmiitm@gmail.com