Keynote Speakers

Keynote  and Invited Speakers

Prof H. Suematsu Nagaoka, Univ of Tech, Japan
“Crystal structure and property change of novel Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy superconductors by water intercalation”

Prof Y. Miyashita Nagaoka, Univ of Tech, Japan
“Study on Fatigue Characteristic of Magnesium Alloy for Structural Material Application”

Prof Y. Ohtuka Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“To be determined”

Prof M. Takeda Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“Materials and Devices for Direct Thermal to Electric Energy Conversion”

Prof N. Yamada Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“Multifunctional photovoltaic module and system for area-constrained applications”

Prof K. Sato Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“Application of Photocatalyst Materials for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions and Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Methane in an Aqueous Environment”

Prof T. Nakayama Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“Fabrication of Fine Structure by 3D Nanoprinter and its Motion Control with Nanosecond Pulse Power”

Prof M. Okazaki Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“High Temperature Materials and Coatings for Conventional/Renewable Energy System.”

Prof T. Nishimura Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“New plant breeding techniques (NBT)”

Prof K. Ohnuma, Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan 
‘The effects of a drug on pregnancy: in vitro studies with human iPS cells.”

Prof T. Honma Nagaoka Univ of Tech, Japan
“Glass-ceramics for sodium ion batteries Tsuyoshi Honma and Takayuki Komatsu”

Prof K. Ogawa Tohoku Univ. Japan
“Cold Spray Fabricated Functionally Graded Thermal Barrier Coatings (FG-TBCs)”

Prof H. Inoue Tokyo Inst. Tech.
“Currrent States of Arts of NDI In Japan”

Prof K A Padmanabhan, Fromerly with IIT Madras
“Optimized Materials and Smart Manufacturing For High Performance Automobiles”

Dr R Gopalan, ARCI,
‘Key energy materials for transport applications’

Prof Nilesh J Vasa, IIT Madras
‘Laser Surface Texturing Applications in Photovoltaic and Automobile’

Prof.  T.S. Sampath Kumar, IIT Madras
‘Biofunctionalization of Metallic Implants by Severe Plastic Deformation Techniques

Prof  R. Jayaganthan, IIT Madras
“Materials and Manufacturing for Medical Applications”

Dr Dheepa Srinivasan, GE Bengaluru
 ‘Materials and Manufacturing for Medical systems’

Dr Shubhabrata Datta, SRM Inst of Tech, Chennai
Materials informatics using computational intelligence techniques for designing hard tissue replacements

 Dr. M. Vasudevan, IGCAR
“Application of soft computing techniques for modeling and optimization of welding processes”.

 Dr Neelakandan Chandrasekaran , 3M India Limited
“To be determined”

Prof Sundara Ramaprabhu
 “To be determined”

Dr. Raghuram Chetty, IIT Madras
“To be determined”

Dr Jayaprakash R, IIT Indore
“To be determined”

Prof H. Murakami, NIMS, Japan
“To be determined”

Prof J Ramkumar, IITK
“To be determined”




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