Projects under Pre-Incubation...​

Digital Flora

Founder: Anuj Fulia

Digital Flora provides indoor vertical farming Infrastructure and Solutions for growing food sustainably and cost effectively in urban as well as rural areas. Read more


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Founder: Guhan

We aim to deliver top class product development and art works, with cutting edge technology and infrastructure we believe in design and manufacture that the general public could afford.. Read more


Founder: Taran Singh

Melvano is a personalised social learning platform for students preparing for engineering competitive exams. Read more


Logo White Background - Samyak Jain
Founder: Divanshu Kumar

Involve is a not for profit organization which focuses on strengthening the learning of students and imparts 21st Century Skills using Peer Teaching. Read more

Electric Bevel Gear Cycle

Founder: DhairyaSheel Deshmukh

A smart e-bike with an in-house electric control system for efficient electric power management. Read more


Founder: Anuj Rajpoot

Integrated Solar Green-house. Read more

Modulus Housing

Founder's: Shree Ram R & Gobinath P

Modulus housing is a student startup from IIT Madras working on Innovative prefabrication technology for construction and various industries. Read more

SDG Society

Founder: Akash Kumar

The SDG Society project focuses on raising awareness and inducing action among school students on the lines of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) spearheaded by the United Nations. Read more


Founder: Ashmon MC

At Theeta, we are aiming to leverage the business of quick service restaurants(QSR). Read more

Modular UAV

Founder(s): Chitransh Chauhan & Rishabh Verma

Highly modular and crash resistant novel fixed wing UAV which can be used for training, research, surveillance, mapping large areas, rescue, army, agriculture, etc. Read more


dynamove_logo - Rohan Rao

Founder(s): Rohan Rao & Abhijit Gupta

Dynamove is building a plug-and-play intelligent driving assistance module. Read more


Founder: Yashwant Kumar

Building simple,creative and engaging augmented reality experiences with the help of our apps. Read more


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Founder(s): Soumalya Mukherjee, Rajanikant Rai, Shiv Sharma

Modular cold storage. Read more


Founder: Nihal ojha

Mini Portable Domestic Grey Water Treatment Appliance.


Founder: Arjuna Venkatesh

Education and Well-being Company. Read more



Founder: Nived

An online platform that helps casting agents manage and sort their database in a much easier and effective way. Read more

Arista Smartlock

Founder: Jaikishan Dulani

Arista Smartlocks is developing the technology to replace the traditional padlocks without the need of any efforts from the user. Read more



Founder: Pragyan

To be the google maps for buried infrastructure. Read more

Engine Sim

Founder: Nidhin

Development of hardware in loop testing instrument for automotive engine control unit. Read more

Smart water distribution network

Founder: Saravanan, Prasanna

Water demands in Indian cities are growing rapidly in line. Read more

Lets Go

Founder: Aneesh

Modular energy solutions for small vehicles. Read more

InfyU Labs

Founder: Amit Srivastava, Manasa Gonchigar

-> Who are we? At InfyU, we are try to provide the boon of spectroscopy as a product into the presently existing manual colour-matching techniques. Read more

Pristine Energia

Founder: Muthu Kumar K

The present-day two stage process for activated carbon production is in-efficient and energy intensive. Read more


Founder: B Aravindram

DLocus is a personalized learning platform to cater to the growing needs of higher education in STEM. Read more

Paryavaran Sodhak


The project aims to develop copper based antibacterial material for purification of potable water and disinfection of air. Read more