IITM decided to implement a workflow solution during July 2010, that will connect various departments like Accounts, Payroll, Academics administration, ICSR and General administration. As a part of this roll out, it would also like to look applications that are currently used in these departments and ascertain its relevance/usability and then either enhance/ build/ replace them with newer systems.

Workflow requirements also must enable the following:

  • Streamline processes and improve process performance by optimizing work.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Measure/ monitor bottleneck.
  • Generate static and Adhoc reporting capability with a flexibility to meet the growth requirements of IITM.
  • In order to achieve the following, workflow must be deployed with the following capability:

  • Connect/ communicate with various department systems using a standard interface.
  • Provide a standard interface to visually model various processes and provide for touch points to access information across these systems.
  • Provide management dashboard for monitor activity across various processes and activities.
  • Provide static and adhoc reporting capability and provide flexibility to incorporate changes without significant software development efforts.