14th Asian Microgravity Symposium

December 1-6, 2024, IIT Madras, Chennai, India



The Asian Microgravity Symposium (AMS) originally established in 1993 has over the years gained popularity amongst researchers and technologists in academia and industry as a platform to share the latest developments in the microgravity science and technology. After 13 successful symposia with 6 in China, 5 in Japan and 2 in South Korea, the 14th edition of AMS will be held in India for the first-time during 1-6 December of 2024 under the aegis of the Indian Micro-gravity society, ISOSU (Indian Society of Outer Space Utilization) and IIT Madras. Researchers and Technologists from Asian countries and the rest of the world are expected to participate in this biannual event.


Symposium Scope:

The focus of AMS2024 will be on (but not limited to) following topics

Why Attend Our Symposium?

Latest Research Insights

Discover the latest advancements and ongoing investigations in the field of microgravity studies, exploring the cutting-edge research conducted by scientists and researchers around the globe.

In-person Network

Engage in networking activities with your fellow peers and make valuable connections, idea exchange, fostering collaboration and potential future opportunities.

Exploring Microgravity facility

Explore the IIT Madras Microgravity Drop Tower Facility and familiarise yourself with the experimental setup, test procedures and different experiments conducted within its innovative confines.

Exploring ExTeM

Gain insights into ExTeM (ExtraTerrestrial Manufacturing), a research group involved in futurist studies, where the focus extends to manufacturing in space and exploring innovative methodologies.

Who should attend Our Symposium?


Who are enthusiastic about microgravity and eager to learn more about its applications and research..


Who are interested in extra-terrestrial studies, space missions, and cutting-edge microgravity research.


Who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of understanding in microgravity and its associated fields.


Who are catering to microgravity platforms and seeking to explore new business opportunities and technological advancements in space utilisation applications.


AMS24 organised by ISOSU, supported by IITM with centre of Excellence ExTeM & NCCRD

Our Event Venue :

Office of Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research Indian Institute of Technology Madras

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                : ICSR, IIT Madras