A Model to predict the absolute aggregation rate of native amyloidogenic protein

Protein deposites called amyloids are directly linked with several diseases including neurodegeneratinve diseases, diabetes, AL amyloidosis etc. On a positive note, they also have potential commercial applications as nano-materials with desired mechanical characteristics. Amyloids have been extensively studied for their role in disease in-vitro. However, These experiments are time consuming and expensive. This tool "AbsoluRATE-Pred" is designed to help the researchers by:
(i) providing them a priori information on aggregation kinetics of proteins,
(ii) identifying the physico-chemical properties involved in aggregation.
(iii)AbsoluRATE-Pred prediction model along with AnuPP, AggreRATE-Disc and AggreRATE-Pred can be used for designing proteins will less or more aggregation capability.

Click Here to Predict the absolute aggregation rate of amyloidogenic protein

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Dataset used in the study

Sequences in FASTA format