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           Aggregation Nucleation Prediction in Peptides and Proteins (ANuPP) is a ensemble-classifier developed and trained to identify amyloid-fibril forming peptides and regions in protein sequences. To know more about the methodology, please read the article (Ref.). The ANuPP prediction can used to

In addition, ANuPP server also acts as a repository for the ANuPP prediction results. The database section of the server contains two subsections:

  • 3 Human proteome
  • 4 Hexapeptides

  • The "Human proteome" subsection lists the predicted APRs in human proteins along with relevent details. The "Hexapeptides" subsection lists the prediction score of all 64 million peptides. We believe the data presented in the database section could be useful to the scientifc community.

    Incase of any requests or queries, please contact us.