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The light chain (AL) amyloidosis is a disease caused by the aggregation of light chain of antibodies into amyloid fibrils. The amyloid deposits can affect wide range of organs and consequently present a wide range of symptoms. Aggregation of monoclonal antibodies is also a major hurdle in antibody therapeutics which has important applications in treatment of cancers, autoimmune diseases and other metabolic disorders. The higher sequence conservation and presence of APRs in both amyloid and non-amyloid antibodies make it harder for conventional aggregation-prone region prediction software to predict the actual amyloidogenicity of the antibody. A webserver entitled “VLAmY-Pred” (Prediction of amyloidogenic immunoglobulin) has been developed for the classification of amyloid and non-amyloid antibodies. We have used ANARCI tool in the webserver to predict the FRs and CDRs in the variable light chain region using IMGT numbering. The webserver takes the variable region sequence of the light chain as an input and predicts the amyloidogenic/non-amyloidogenic nature of the sequence.

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AbsoluRATE is online
January, 2021

An effective method to predict the aggregation-prone region in proteins/peptides.

AbsoluRATE link

ANuPP is online
August, 2020

An effective method to predict the aggregation-prone region in proteins/peptides.

ANuPP link

CPAD 2.0 is online
April 15, 2019

A comprehensive curated protein aggregation related database.

CPAD 2.0 link

AggreRATE-Pred is online
october, 2019

AggreRATE-Pred can quantitatively predict the change in aggregation rate.

AggreRATE-Pred link

AggreRATE-Disc is online
June 24, 2018

AggreRATE-Disc can predict the aggregation rate enhancer or mitigator mutations using sequence information.

AggreRATE-Disc link

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Puneet Rawat, R. Prabakaran, Sandeep Kumar, M. Michael Gromiha(2021) Exploring the sequence features determining Disease-causing amyloidosis in human antibody light chain