ProThermDB, thermodynamic Database for Proteins and Mutants (ProThermDB) contains more than 32,000 data of several thermodynamic parameters such as melting temperature, free energy obtained with thermal and denaturant denaturation, enthalpy change, and heat capacity change along with experimental methods and conditions, sequence, structure, and literature information. Besides, the current version of the database includes ~0.12 million thermodynamic data obtained for different organisms and cell lines, which are determined by recent high throughput proteomics techniques using whole-cell approaches. In addition, we provided a graphical interface for the visualization of mutations at sequence and structure levels. ProThermDB is cross-linked with other relevant databases, PDB, UniProt, PubMed, etc.

ProThermDB can be queried through the search options by giving UniProt ID, PDB ID, protein name, mutation, experimental conditions, and author name, etc. Users can check our tutorial to get help in searching the database. Fill the download form provided to download the entire dataset.


What's New

✸ ProThermDB is now available

✸ 7000+ Mutation data are added to ProThermDB

✸ New features are included in the ProThermDB

✸ Organism based data is available to download

✸ Data with different cell lines are included

✸ New Data is added Jan 2023

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