Envisaged Deliv erables

New/Up-scaled Process/Product
  • Development of advanced nanomaterials-based solutions for synthetic or naturally occurring chemicals or emerging microorganisms.
  • Nano-structured materials – solutions for As, F, bacteria and organics
  • Composite adsorbents for emerging contaminants
  • A solution to ensure availably of clean drinking during natural calamities
  • A sustainable atmospheric water generator
  • Sustainable wastewater treatment for households
  • Affordable and sustainable point of use purification devices for arsenic and fluoride free drinking water.
  • High efficiency electrode materials for capacitive deionization and development of working prototypes for brackish water desalination.
  • Designing clean water solutions for natural calamities.
  • Solar power driven atmospheric humidity capture devices for production of clean drinking water.
  • Understanding the environmental and biological effects of water-borne contaminants.
  • Developing affordable sensors on water bottles.
  • A point of use multi-analyte sensor for Cr(III), As(III & V) Hg(II) in industrial wastewaters.
  • Development of a point of use sensor for the detection of arsenic.
  • Examination water quality of the lakes of Nainital, identification of pollutants in them and field implementation of nanomaterial-based water purification units.
  • Process know-how for recovery of nutrients and water from wastewater
  • Anaerobic digestion and resource recovery system for tannery wastewater
New/Upgraded Product
  • Cost-effective processfor color removal from textile effluent
  • New methodology for water distribution network mapping, calibration, leak detection and operation
  • Continuous flow pulse power technology (PPT)-based systems for drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Sensors and kits for water quality monitoring
  • Development of processes for scale-up of production of new materials
  • Creation of mechanisms for business incubation in this sector
Data Base Development and Documentation
  • Guidelines and models for using storm water for groundwater recharge
  • Appropriate Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) components for Indian conditions
Services (including software)
  • SuDS numerical tool box
  • A well tested management model for retrofitting sewer networks when implementing grey water recycling schemes
  • A decision support system (DSS) for pipe material selection and for design, monitoring, operation and rehabilitation of large water distribution networks
  • Transferring home grown technologies though incubated companies.
  • Conducting continuing education and refresher programmes on clean water periodically, to link with the academic and industrial community in this sector.
  • Collaborate with international groups on emerging frontiers of water technology in the areas envisioned in the project.