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Protein-Carbohydrate complex binding Affinity Prediction
Protein Bioinformatics Lab

What is PCA-Pred?

PCA-Pred is a webserver to calculate the binding free energy (ΔG in kcal/mol) of protein-carbohydrate complexes. It uses structure-based features and regression model to predict ΔG in kcal/mol.

What is the advantage of using PCA-Pred?

PCA-Pred uses structure-based features to predict the change in binding affinity (ΔG value, kcal/mol) in protein-carbohydrate complexes.

Note: It does require structural data as input. Thus, it can be used for protein-carbohydrate complexes for which structure is available.

Why is my input is not being accepted by the server?

There are a number of reasons why our server may not accept a given input. Please ensure that:

  • The structure contains carbohydrate/sugar ligand(s).
  • The mentioned PDB ID and chain identifier is correct and availble in the PDB database.
  • The user uploaded PDB file does not match with pdb format.

I am facing issues with the display of the website on my browser.

The website may be best viewed using the latest version of a browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.