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Protein-Carbohydrate complex binding Affinity Prediction
Protein Bioinformatics Lab


This server predicts protein-carbohydrate binding affinity using structure-based features and classes based on protein chains and saccharide count. Generally, binding site residues, accessible surface area, interactions between various atoms and their energy contributions are important to understand the binding affinity. PCA-Pred shows a correlation of 0.731 and a mean absolute error (MAE) of 1.149 kcal/mol in jack-knife test. In the test dataset, the performance remains consistent with a correlation of 0.723 with MAE of 1.158 kcal/mol.

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Family 89 Glycoside Hydrolase from Clostridium perfringens in complex with PUGNAc (2VCB)
Crystal structure of S73-2 antibody in complex with antigen Kdo (3HZM)
Crystal Structure of a pea lectin-trimannoside complex (1RIN)
Crystal structure of the human galectin-4 C-terminal carbohydrate recognition domain in complex with lactose (4YM3)
Structure of EUR_01830 (Eubacterium rectale) with acarbose (4UAC)
Crystal structure of the earthworm lectin C-terminal domain mutant in complex with 6'-sialyllactose (2DS0)