Inter-Disciplinary Dual Degree Program (IDDP) on
Complex Systems & Dynamics

Open for all IIT B.Tech students of any stream 

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Eligibility:  CGPA above 8.0 at the end of Semester 5.

Program Objectives

The aim of the proposed program is to introduce students to new techniques and tools for mathematical modelling and analysis of complex dynamical systems and to investigate some of the challenging dynamical problems in climate science, neuroscience, biological systems, multiphysics systems and active flows, that are the focus of current research worldwide. In addition to enhancing the fundamental understanding of the universal features, which contribute to similar phenomena that occur across a diversity of systems, the effort could also translate into delivering technology which is useful in industrial and societal contexts.



The course curriculum consists of three compulsory core courses

(a) one from Complex Networks basket that introduces students to complex networks analysis

(b) one from Nonlinear Dynamics basket that exposes students on this subject

(c) one from a select set of Mathematics and Numerical Techniques courses.

The courses have been selected to ensure that students can be trained in appropriate skill sets that will be more suitable for their project.


The core courses need to be completed within semester 8 in any order.


Electives need to be completed by Semester 9 


CORE Courses

ID5080 will be usually offered in the Odd semester.

PH5500 will be usually offered in the even semester.

AM5650 can be offered in either semester.

ID5080 & AM5650 will always be offered in a year. 


Students need to register for any ONE of the courses from Core Basket-3 as CORE.

More courses from this basket can be credited as an elective.



The electives are to be selected from a basket of carefully curated courses that encompass the interdisciplinary nature of the program. The electives can be selected from courses on Data Science, High performance computing, as well as a mix of elective courses applicable to diverse engineering fields, which will enable the students to combine the traditional skills with the new approaches of complex dynamical systems.

Students can select a combination of 5 courses of 9 credits each or a combination of 4 courses of higher credits such that total credit requirement of 45 credits is satisfied.

More courses will be added to the electives basket.

The Dual Degree project is for 1 year.

The topic will depend on the choice of the guide.


Complex Systems & Dynamics     Indian Institute of Technology Madras     Chennai 600036     India