I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. that the CPAD 2.0 dataset will be used for academic purposes (i.e. non-profit teaching and research) only;
2. that the CPAD 2.0 dataset will only be used by me and my group, and will not be distributed to anybody else.
3. that the use of the dataset in any publication is attributed to the authors by means of citation and/or appropriate acknowledgement as applicable;
4. that the CPAD 2.0 dataset shall not be reproduced anywhere in any form under any name without express written consent from the authors;
5. that while the developer(s) and author(s) have made every effort to ensure that the dataset is accurate, no warranty is provided that the dataset is complete or accurate, and the authors cannot be held liable for any damage to any party arising from its use.